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Работы рассчитаны на стратегию долгосрочных продаж, являются приоритетным направлением специалистов Topodin


Стратегии комплексного присутствия в сети. Интернет-маркетинг для брендов и открытых товарно-продуктовых сегментов.

ПРОЕКТОВ от $24/час

Услуги опытных интернет-маркетологов, дизайнеров и копирайтеров для решения локальных задач бизнеса

Продвижение сайта климатической техники в Москве и СНГ. Геотермальные насосы, ветрогенераторы, промышленные кондиционеры.

Вывод на рынок роботов-пылесосов определенных марок, управление их репутацией в сети, формирование спроса и генерация продаж. Смотрите на результаты!

Разработка и продвижение магазина потребительских товаров. Вывод в ТОП по широкому спектру запросов для привлечения трафика.

Здесь представлены только несколько кейсов. Но примеров значительно больше, вот таких как наш сайт. Нам есть чем вас удивить.


При заказе продвижения скидка на новый интернет-магазин - 50%. Цена магазина $600/2=$300!


Заказывай раскрутку за 35 000р и в подарок будет рекламная компания в Яндекс Директ на 15 000р.


Для всех наших клиентов: система онлайн-консультаций и защита сайта от внешних DDOS-атак в подарок.

Условиях и преимущества акций вы можете узнать прямо сейчас. Оставьте заявку или позвоните нам по номеру телефона (указан справа). Наши менеджеры проконсультируют вас по услугам компании и бесплатно помогут разобраться в аспектах поисковой оптимизации.


Работы по доработкам и улучшению типовых проектов. Профильные решения отлаженные технологами компании Topodin


Работы рассчитаны на стратегию долгосрочных продаж, являются приоритетным направлением специалистов Topodin

Non-standard YouTube advertisement

People are used to TV advertising. Used to the fact that the ads regularly interrupted favorite shows, just like on the radio a strange but pleasant voice was wedged in the air and tells the story of modern miracle drugs or services. On the Internet the situation is not better but there much more opportunities to surprise the audience. For example, in 2011, the most visited video hosting You Tube looked like an experimental platform, which served as a base for many non-standard communication channels.

Non-standard YouTube advertisement
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Have you joined the military pilots of New Zealand?

Seems not only fabulous Hobbits of “The Lord of the Rings” live in New Zealand, the country own armed forces. The army is not numerous, not more than 20 000 soldiers, but the draft campaign is quite fun. And to attract men to serve own country, the Saatchi & saatchi NZResn agency invented for potential recruits the game on YouTube.

Interested parties can carry out various missions of the Royal New Zealand Air Force. There is also the possibility of 3D-walk along the green “paradise”. And, perhaps most perfect thing – to choose helicopter or plane and watch the flight in real time using cameras mounted on the aircraft.

Interactive video – Desperados beer party

Good to be a spectator and participant better, even if the virtual one. The most people are interested in what is happening on the screen, especially while watching video the site interface is changing, and the characters of the next videos join this unusual activity.

In order to keep the attention of more users were added elements of interactivity. When you start the video you will be offered to choose with whom to go to a party. Further along the course of the play a couple of times have to work with the mouse ( to break the wall, or to invite friends to the event via Facebook). The rest is as usually: girls, cheerful music and alcohol, namely Desperados beer.


The whole site on YouTube

JWT London has used YouTube versatility, to demonstrate Listerine – antibacterial mouthwash. The user clicks on certain categories of food and after can see the video, where people dressed in the shape of the teeth and gums are kicking against selected threats.

Poor Tarla

The project Nanhi Kali was made in sincerity, because the goal – to raise money to pay for education to girls from poor families. The touching story of one such a girl named Tarla placed in the form of short videos, each video was added with enumeration of new donations. In this way, about 60 000 children in India have managed to get the opportunity to study at the world's best universities.

Skittles advertisement – look for interactivity

BBDO Toronto shot three videos, where users were asked to touch the monitor screen. However, neither the camera nor the other sensors were not used. Each video in “Touch the Rainbow” was shot counting on the belief that the computer is at least strange, but still recognizes any finger. Perfectly! In the eyes of person's illusion closest to the reality becomes reality.

Interactive YouTube-escape from Intel

Intel didn't invent the wheel and started the interactive video, where the viewer, who is also the main character and – a potential buyer of different gadgets with the second generation processor Core i5.

The storyline is like a spy movie: assignments, shooting, rescue of a beautiful Asian woman. With the concept of video “The Escape” implies the use of social networks. The participant can take two friends from Facebook to help. Photos and videos from special operations can be placed in a personal album.

Control the video by turning the head

For Xbox fans control through three positions a part of the body seems to return “stone” age, when toys were made of wood, and bits were bytes. But Hugo Boss must be paid tribute, using the camera, to choose one of several plot lines with head turn is quite original. Despite the pain in the neck, this technique adds interactivity to the campaign.


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