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Вывод на рынок роботов-пылесосов определенных марок, управление их репутацией в сети, формирование спроса и генерация продаж. Смотрите на результаты!

Разработка и продвижение магазина потребительских товаров. Вывод в ТОП по широкому спектру запросов для привлечения трафика.

Здесь представлены только несколько кейсов. Но примеров значительно больше, вот таких как наш сайт. Нам есть чем вас удивить.


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Работы по доработкам и улучшению типовых проектов. Профильные решения отлаженные технологами компании Topodin


Работы рассчитаны на стратегию долгосрочных продаж, являются приоритетным направлением специалистов Topodin

Website promotion with press releases

Let’s talk about . Initially, press releases have been created as a means of communication between companies and users. In simple terms, with the help of press release various companies, design studios, insurance companies and various manufacturers always successfullyintroduced (expressed) themselves actively using news portals, and other media resources. However, later, after SEO-experts have finally reached press releases they have become one of the effective promotion methods.

Website promotion with press releases
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Now, let's see how it works. First of all, you must submit your press releases to specialized directories for press releases. As a result, you get not only a large audience but also effective backlinks, which certainly has a positive effect on the positions in search engines. Remember, you can get these links for free, moreover, this method is much better than registration in catalogs that has become almost useless for website promotion.

Now, let’s explain why the press releases are more effective than registration in directories and promotion with the help of free articles. It’s quite simple, the most of press releases directories – are resources which have gained the trust of search engines, with high PR and high traffic.

How to write quality press release?

As an example, find quality press releases directory there you can see an amazing collection of press releases to every possible topic. Then, you need to choose the right subjects, take as a sample a few ready press releases and start writing your own. You don’t need to create great press releases, as practice shows, it is not advisable, create standard text – A4 sheet, about two thousand characters.

The main advantages of promotion with press releases:

- Additional target audience.

- Additional natural external links have a positive impact on the position in search engines.

- Good PR campaigns providing noticeable results.

- Absence of costs.

Some advice to provide more effectiveness:

Let’s talk about .- Introduce yourself in a full voice. There is no sense to create gray boring press releases they are not interested, especially in comparison with competitors. Focus on one a particular subject, don’t use large number of keywords, which will “destroy” your press-release.

- Competent, professional optimization. You should always remember that relevant keywords should be placed at the top of a document and used before others.

- Place just a few links to the promoted website. Don’t forget that press releases should attract users to your site. To do this, you need to gently ask them to go to any page of your resource. Tangible results can be achieved by offering various trial versions of popular programs, read interesting reports, listen to popular podcasts, etc.

- Don’t create advertising press releases, you should always dilute ads of your online projects because no one interested to read the whole page of ad and, as a rule, these pages are not read to the end. The result – site owners receive less new users to their resource.

- Don’t put more than one or two links to the promoted website. The majority of directories – it’s deservedly respected resources so, they are subject to very strict moderation. It means that because of the huge number of links your press release simply can’t be accepted. Much better to create several press- releases with two links in each rather than one with four links.

Where to post press releases

There are specialized directories for press releases submitting. Some directories accept only thematic press releases and some of them - even via email. You can find these directories in any search engine for: “press release submission sites list”.

For those who are lazy recommend ready-made collection of totally free press releases directories. In those cases where some of them are unavailable or became paid – just leave comments and moderators will change it.

Top 10 free press release distribution sites:

 – PR 6
 – PR 5
 – PR 3
 – PR 5
 – PR 6
 – PR 3
 – PR 4
 – PR 5
 – PR 5
 – PR 6


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    It seems that something is wrong with your "Top 10 free press release distribution sites" Would be great to see renewed version.
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